Sara Canning and Chantal Kreviazuk Join Trilight Entertainment’s ‘Welcome To Nowhere’

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Regina, Saskatchewan July 11, 2016 – Principal photography has begun in Saskatchewan on Trilight Entertainment’s new feature film, WELCOME TO NOWHERE starring Sara Canning (Vampire Diaries, War of the Planet of the Apes), Robin Dunne (Space Milkshake, Sanctuary), Farrah Aviva (A.R.C.H.I.E, Merry Matrimony), Carlo Rota (24, Jane the Virgin), international recording artist and actor Chantal Kreviazuk (Kiss and Cry, Century Hotel).

The romantic comedy is produced by Shayne Putzlocher, Glenn Paradis, Mark Montague, written by Maureen Oxley, Kristina Bates and directed by Robin Dunne.

Welcome To Nowhere is a romantic comedy with a deep and challenging undertone.  It is a story about finding yourself in the most unlikeliest of places.  It explores how despite the personas we create for ourselves are meant to protect us, they are often the things that do us the most harm.  And, if you can find the courage to let go of who you think you should be, and embrace who you really are, you just might open yourself up to finding love.  Even in the middle of nowhere.

“I’m very excited to be reuniting with this creative team to be making Welcome To Nowhere.  The script is full of heart and humour, and we have an exquisite cast of actors to bring this story to life”, said Robin Dunne, Director.

“Trilight has developed a unique business model that puts us in a position to continue to create great movies.  Welcome to Nowhere is a delightful film with a ton of soul and we couldn’t be happier with the natural dynamic our cast presents on screen.” said President of Trilight Entertainment, Shayne Putzlocher.

“This is the third project Clairwood Capital has partnered on with Trilight recently.  We like Trilight’s commitment to building market driven projects that appeal to private investors, and Welcome to Nowhere is another example of a film that can work both creatively, but also financially”, said Glenn Paradis, President of Clairwood Capital and producer on the project.

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